A Day at The Mill

It was a beautiful day at Thompson’s Mills today.   We had an egg hunt

IMG_1699 IMG_1700IMG_1701

and found 7 duck eggs and 2 chicken eggs.

The poultry water can was reintroduced as they were acting thirsty

IMG_1712 IMG_1711

Especially after helping cultivate the garden.

IMG_1705    IMG_1706

The Hops are hopping out of the ground


and some visitors (about 11 for tours with 4 contacts and 2 drive-thru’s) came by.


Somewhat sadly, the water in the mill race is slowly dropping.  I hope water stays above the fire suppression pickup.  But then again it is suppose to start raining on Tuesday and continue that way for up to a week.

And finally, it appears that our injured duck continues to improve each day.

IMG_1703  IMG_1716

We can always use a donation of poultry pellets or cracked corn.  These guys love to eat.

Today’s Accomplishments

We added a Wood Duck house to a location near the Mill Race,

Got to trim that branch to make a space

Let’s put it here

Please hold it here while I fasten it

Finished product

relocated the web camera to a better location high in a tree,

Find the camera

Conducted one tour for 2 people and had one visitor tour the Mill on his own under beautiful skies and with moderate temperatures.

We were once again gifted with 2 chicken eggs and 5 duck eggs.  Our injured duck is doing better, but being shunned by the rest of the flock. Nature can be cruel.  We give him extra feed and block the other ducks from getting it so maybe he’s enjoying his convalescence after all?

We experimented with illuminating the silos at night-  it looked really cool until the bulb burned out.  Something to fix tomorrow and think more about.  Some solar powered lights maybe?….

A Cloudy Sunday that did not deter visitors

We had another great day at the Mill. A large groups visited in the morning and had a nice picnic lunch.


In the afternoon we had quite a few bicycle riders stop by as well as a number of  motorcyclists. I spoke with two of the bicycle riders that will be back- they had to hurry to avoid the rain that was coming.

The bikers took a mini-tour to the basement and to see the mill operate on both water and electric power. A couple of them had been here a few weeks ago with another large group of bikers. Most of them plan to come back for a long tour in the future.

The poultry is doing fine with 6 duck eggs and 3 chicken eggs.

Total numbers for the day- 28 visitors.

What happened today

We had quite a crowd for tours and a number of other folks stopped just to view the scenery.

The web camera is now fully functional but we’re still adjusting the views and angles.

The poultry feed dispenser has been installed and is available for guests who want to help keep the Pioneer Spirit alive!  Just $.25!


The poultry provided us with 5 duck eggs, 3 chicken eggs, 1 pecked.


Our injured duck is on the mend.  We currently have him confined with lots of water and food so that he can rest that bum leg.